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C.L.E.S. Vision, Mission, & Collective Commitments

Cloverleaf Vision Statement: 

At Cloverleaf,

            We are Thinkers;

            We are Problem Solvers;

            We are Lifelong Learners.


Cloverleaf Mission Statement: 

 Cloverleaf collaborates to encourage, guide, and support all students and families to reach their highest potential. 


Cloverleaf Collective Commitments:

  1. We are committed to providing a diverse curriculum, inspiring students to be curious about the world around them and becoming college and career ready as lifelong learners.
  2. We are committed to give all students access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum that is research based and data driven.
  3. We are committed to using Positive Behavior Interventions and Strategies (PBIS) to create a safe, trusting, and collaborative environment.
  4. We are committed to celebrating success no matter how large or small.
  5. We are Committed to educate all students to creatively use their mind and movement to enhance understanding in all areas through the fine arts.
  6. We are committed to proactively collaborating with our community and families to create a supportive learning environment for our students.
  7. We are committed to examining and using data to make adjustments in instructional practices to meet the needs of all students.
  8. Through the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) process, we are committed to life-long learning, ongoing professional learning, and sharing relevant strategies to support high levels of learning for our students.